hans_meinigel (hans_meinigel) wrote in queerhistory,

Hirschfeld's Transvestites - Gay Trans History

I've recently been reading Magnus Hirschfeld's "Transvestites: the Erotic Drive to Cross-Dress." This is the 1991 translation by Michael Lombardie-Nash, but the original was published in 1910. The title seems a bit of a misnomer, since it's primarily devoted to people who would now be called transgender and is about how their gender presentation is largely non-erotic. It's one of the seminal works in trans theory, and seems to take a more sensible and respectful take than most of the stuff published between now and then. Anyhow, I was so excited when I read this, I just had to share the following passage with someone:

"In my 'Essence of Love' I already gave a short account of 'sexually normal' man-loving women with strong masculine mannerisms who themselves say they felt they were homosexual men. They were the ones who were extremely attracted to feminine men."

My jaw dropped when I read this (I need to get a hold of Essence of Love (Wesen der Liebe) at some point). I had not been expecting any discussion of gay trans people (he also goes on to discuss lesbian identified males), since it is so frequently left out in more modern literature. This tidbit was strikingly similar to my own identity, which, of course, is the main reason I'm so excited by it.
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